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Monday, May 30, 2005


Munich is a beautiful place. It's the first place I've wished we were staying longer, regardless of the 30 degree weather every day, plus carrying a backpack and money belt everywhere we go. The only thing is, our hostel is far from great. The only shower we found on the first day didn't have hot water - only freezing cold!! We complained and we can use a slightly warmer one now! Also sharing a room with a girl who appears to live there and doesn't like sunshine as she keeps the curtains closed and the lights off! I've decided she's a vampire!!! Shame about the hostel really as the other two were fantastic, Amsterdam being our favourite so far!


As I said, Munich is architecturally beautiful everywhere you turn. All the people are friendly and although most speak really good English, even those who don't try their best to help. We got really confused getting from the station as they trains, S-Bahns & U-Bahns (They decrease in ground levels). But we are used to it now, just as we are leaving tomorrow.

Yesterday, we went to Dachau, the first Nazi Concentration Camp. It was amazing. Our guide was really knowledgeable. You really can't describe actually being there. It wasn't intended to be an extermination camp, like Auschwitz, and originally housed only political objectors but later all sorts of prisoners. All other camps were models on this one and it had an SS training (or brainwashing) school too. Later it was also used as an extermination camp and we went into the gas chamber - really was indescribable... horrible... really can't put the feelings into words.

On the whole though the trip was "enjoyable" (this is an inappropriate word but you get my meaning).

When we got back to Munich we went to the Centre for Unusual Museums - very funny - chamber pots, gravy boats, perfume, cars (I have some pictures for you dad!).

We ate at the hostel last night which was a mistake - too many school trips there and the receptions had really bad English (not that I can talk, but at an international hostel!)

Today we went on a walking tour of Munich; it has been slightly cooler (slightly!). It was fantastic though, we walked all over the centre and saw all the famous places including the pub where Hitler made many of his big speeches. This afternoon we have been to look round the Residenz - the palace where the royals resided for 700 years, including the infamous Ludwig!

We are in a 24hr internet café, which is a new experience!

We are going to a Bavarian beer garden pub tonight for food before heading back to our hostel. Rained this afternoon so should be cooler tomorrow when we are travelling to Salzburg... Can't wait, Sound of Music tour!!!

Take Care & love to all.