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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Budapest is a beautiful place. Martin (our mums are cousins) picked us up from the station on Friday evening in his CAR... we haven't been in a car in 2 weeks!! Sorry about the excitement but although European public transport is better than ours it's still not a car!

On Friday night we stayed at Martin and Ani's huge beautiful house. We all sat and ate our tea on the veranda, Wendy drinking beer, looking up at the hills! It was like something out of the movies! Hannah (their 3-month-old baby) is gorgeous and their two boys (2½ and 4) both understand English as well as Hungarian, and Oliver, the elder, is completely fluent. He really was amazing and seriously put Wendy and I to shame!


Yesterday we visited Visegrad's medieval castle where the waxwork reconstructions were brilliant. We got to dress up for a photo - I was the queen and Wendy was the king. I also tried archery and was rubbish, it went about a foot! Wendy had a much better attempt with the crossbow.

In the afternoon we moved into Martin's work's flat in Budapest which is huge! We get our own rooms! Strangely quiet after hostels but nice and peaceful.

Martin and Ani have been lovely (thank you both very very much)!

Today we have been on a city tour and seen all the lovely sites, including the famous Heroes' Square. This afternoon we went to the National Museum where we realised how small Europe has been since Charlemagne and how the Jews are persecuted EVERYWHERE!

Tomorrow we plan to visit Parliament, before leaving Hungary on an overnight train (new experience!) for Poland.

Take Care & Love to all.