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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Had a fantastic time in Stockholm, it's such a beautiful city. Shame we only stayed for two days in the end as there is so much to do, although quite expensive.

On Sunday we spent the whole day exploring the Palace, we saw the royal apartments, changing of the guards (with a Marching Band), the Tre Krona Museum which tell the story of the castle which stood there before and of the people who lived and worked at it. Finally we went to the Museum of Antiquities at the Palace, which is an original museum of one of the kings: had we not had a guide it would have been a room full of sculptures, but the guide told us the story of the king's quest for majesty!

In the evening we met up with Wendy's friend Fiona who is working in Sweden as part of her university course, and one of her friends from Uni, Emily. We all went to a Chinese restaurant (they ordered!) and we had a really good evening!

Yesterday (Monday) we spent virtually the whole day at the seventeenth century ship museum: the Vasa. It was amazing. It told the story of its demise and how they raised it, as well as the objects found on board and the skeletons reconstructed (like at the Jorvik Viking Centre in York) to show what they would have looked like. They also used the objects found around them to distinguish who they could have been. My Dad would have loved it!!

Afterwards we had a little look in the Nordiska Museum, Sweden's version of the Victoria and Albert Museum - really not our kind of thing but we liked the eighteenth century costumes. :)

Our hostel was on a ship which was exciting although you could feel it moving slightly if you thought about it.