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Monday, June 20, 2005


Friday morning we met up with a History trip from Hull Uni and went around Notre Dame and the Medieval Museum. After we took a metro to our hotel (a hotel!) to drop our bags off before heading to St Denis. We went into the crypt and saw the tombs of Marie Antoinette and Louis VIII, also (disgustingly) the heart of Louis VII. It's a beautiful place and all the tombs are so ornate! Friday evening we all went out for a meal; Wendy had raw beef(!), I tried some but wasn't too keen.

Saturday we took a train to Rouen, it's just like you would imagine a medieval village to be like, so quaint and so many churches (got a bit confused which one was actually the cathedral!). We had lunch outside with the Cathedral in view behind us. We actually went in the Cathedral later on and saw a tomb effigy of Richard the Lionheart (which I found quite exciting - he was smaller than I thought!). We also saw the spot where Jeanne d'Arc was burnt; there is a cross and a memorial garden there now. In the cathedral there is also a stone memorial to her there - she was only sainted in the 1950s!

Saturday evening we went out for a meal and then drink. I left the party at midnight as I was falling asleep in my drink, but the others stayed up until the pubs closed!

Sunday morning Wendy and I had a wander around the Bastille area where we were staying before we set off to Paris Nord to catch the Eurostar back to London.

We had a perfect welcome back to the UK: we were delayed for AN HOUR outside Waterloo as a point had broken! Typical! Once in London though we went for something to eat and then caught the tube to Kings Cross.

19.10 out train left for Hull & my parents picked me up at the station. I have had a fantastic month but I must admit it's nice to be home!